Galaxy Watch Fitness Tracked: Day 5

Notes: Once again, sorry for not posting the data on time. Been extremely busy and also very tired from exercise! Also switched to saying Day 5 cause 120 hours sounded a bit silly.

Actions: Saturday, lots of work to be done both in the gym and out. Lifted Weights

Fitbit Data:

  • Total Floors: 11
  • Total Distance: 6.23
  • Total Calories: 4,669
  • Total Active Minutes: 90
  • Weight Lifting:
    • Total Time 63 min
    • Total Cals: 725
    • Avg Heart Rate: 128bpm
    • 32 min cardio
    • 31 min Fat burn
    • Total Steps: 1,950

Galaxy Watch Data:

  • Total Floors: 6
  • Total Distance: 8,336
  • Total Calories: 3,697
  • Total Active Minutes: 63 min
  • Weight Lifting:
    • Total Time: 63 min
    • Total Cals: 852
    • Avg Heart Rate: 131bpm
    • Max Heart Rate: 160
    • 34 Min Vigorous
    • 30 min moderate

Notes: Nothing major, just the average day to day.

Observations: Since it was a Saturday, my total floors is MUCH lower since I’m not going in my office all the time and rarely go “Up” any stairs. Fitbit seems to be MUCH better at counting stairs throughout the day. My suspicion is that the same mechanism preventing the Galaxy watch from getting short trips is the same since I’m walking from the kitchen < 10 steps to my stairs to my computer. I’m liking both data points coming from the devices, but they are in fact very different.

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