Galaxy Watch Fitness Tracked: 96 Hour Update


Once again, day off from the gym, got lots of sleep. Had several long meetings at the office. I wanted to go for a walk during lunch but I also wanted to each lunch away from the office since I didn’t bring food. Went out after work to celebrate my anniversary. Didn’t get home till 7:00PM and basically went to bed.

As of note, you may be noticing I goto bed early. I’m in bed for quite an hour or so before I fall asleep. Usually reading, playing a game, or talking to the wife. But occasionly I do get up and take steps but obviously they’re not counted and are generally less then 100 steps.

Fitbit Data:

  • Total Steps: 7,648
  • Distance: 3.95 miles
  • Calories burned: 4,119
  • Active Minutes: 61
  • Total Floors: 6

Galaxy Watch Data:

  • Total Steps: 5,815
  • Distance: 2.43 miles (See notes)
  • Calories Burned: 2,751
  • Active Minutes: 73
  • Total Floors: 2


  • I’m starting to REALLY hate the Samsung Health app. When I open the Active Time for yesterday, I get the following information: Calories burned 2,741, Activity, 439. Distance 3.15 Miles. However, when I goto the steps counter, it says I went 2.43 miles and and burned 401 cal. I’m not sure which one is right, even on it’s own app it doesn’t agree with itself. I end up just using the Health app on the watch to gather data.


Nothing major today other than it’s somewhat annoying when you don’t hit the goals. It’s not bad, but there’s a blank area there. I gues that’s the idea. The night before at the end of the day I have 9,800-ish steps, so I just walked around the house to get over 10,000. I didn’t care about the Galaxy watch side but it was there. However, this time I was ~2,500 short for Fitbit and 185 steps for Galaxy Watch. Already I’m wanting to lean toward Fitbit’s data overall, not that I took 10,000 steps but I tend to like their benchmarks better.

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