Galaxy Watch Fitness Tracked: 72 Hour Update


Day off from exercising, went to office for long meetings, during lunch went to Costco.


Fitbit Data:

  • Total Steps Counted: 10,054.
  • Total Calories Burned: 3,884.
  • Total Distance: 5.19 miles
  • Floord Climbed: 12
  • 72bpm resting heart rate
  • Active Minutes: 0

Galaxy Watch Data:

  • Total Steps: 7,726
  • Total Miles: 3.31
  • Calories burned: 481
  • Total Floors: 2
  • 77bpm average (92 max, 65 min)
  • Active minutes: 114 walking
  • Calories Burned: 481 (assuming this is from walking)


Nothing Major to note.


There was a BIG issue I noticed today and had come up in the past. That’s using the grocery cart and walking around Costco. As I was doing this, the Galaxy Watch was clearly not counting steps. The Fitbit was from time to time but what I couldn’t discern was if it was doing it because I brought it up to view or if it was actually counting while my hand was on grocery card. Since there’s almost a 3,000 step difference and more importantly, nearly a 2 mile distance difference, that’s where I’m going to note the two. It seems the Fitbit is just much more sensitive. Once again, that may be good or may be bad.


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