Galaxy Watch Fitness Tracked: 24 Hour Update


Woke up at 4:15 AM EST, both watches immediately on wrists.

Ran/Tracked Exercise for 20 minutes on both devices.

Paced 100 steps, counting manually. Took note of total step quantity before and after. Both arms swinging in rhythm with feet.

Removed Trackers from wrists at 07:15 PM.

Fitbit Data:

  • 100 Step Test: 102 Steps counted
  • 20 Minute Jog:
    • Distance 1.62 miles (fitbit synced to phone for GPS, phone in pocket)
    • Pace: 12’20″/mi
    • Heart Rate:
      • 19 min cardio range
      • 1 min fat burn
      • Max on Graph: 161
      • Min on Graph: 94
      • Avg BPM: 139
    • Calories Burned: 325
    • Steps Taken 2,817
  • Total Steps Taken: 12,285
  • Calories: 4,167
  • Active Minutes: 64
  • Floors: 28
  • Total Distance: 6.54 Miles
  • 70bpm resting heart rate. (I’m out of shape!)

Galaxy Watch Data:

  • 100 Step Test: 92 steps
  • 20 Minute run:
    • Distance 1.52 mi (GPS on watch)
    • Pace: 13’09″/mi
    • Heart Rate:
      • Avg BPM: 159
      • Max 172
      • Min on Graph: 94
    • Calories Burned: 365
    • Steps Taken: 2,460 (Calculated)
  • Total Steps: 9,196
  • Calories: 3,212
  • Active Minutes: 116
    • 96 Walking
    • 20 Running
  • Floors: 11 (Very off)
  • 77bpm average heart rate. (Even worse!)
  • Total Distance: 4.32 miles
  • Calires Burned by steps: 718
  • Active Minutes: 142 minutes: 96 walking, 46min weight machines
  • Online Caloric Burn Calculator:

There seems to be a problem with online calculators and refusing to use decimals. I ran 4.5mph on average, however choices are walking at 4MPH or running at 5MPH. Since I was moving my body in more of a running motion, I’m going to say that it was close to the 5MPH mark. 316 calories.


  • There was a 1/10th of a mile variation between the Fitbit and Galaxy Watch, not really sure how GPS was supposed to be running on both. Even if there was some accuracy issues, my assumption is that the GalaxyWatch didn’t start picking up my GPS signal until later in the run.
  • The Fitbit wasn’t clear on my Average BPM for my Heart Rate:
  • The Galaxy Watch was missing my total step count for my run. According to the average steps per minute on the graph, it was 123, calculation was 123spm * 20 minutes, then 2,460 is the total steps.
  • Assuming the Fitbit is 2% higher than counted steps, then actual would be 2,761. (based upon 100 step test.)
  • Assuming Galaxy Watch is 8% under than steps counted, actual steps would be approx 2,583
  • There is a 178 step variance between both.
  • Will run 100 step test again, 10 times and validate data.


So far, I really do think that Fitbit is drastically exaggerating my step count. It will definitely count arm swings. It’s hard to determine how drastic though. If it’s 2% off on the high side, then I could see it account for 200-500 steps. However, when walking it seems to be a bit more accurate. Some people have stated there’s an issue/feature with the Galaxy Watch where it basically ignores the first 5steps or so. I could see advantages to that since it doesn’t increase the step count when I just swing my arms. However, I may need to make a long test, like 200 – 300 steps then use a different GPS app to track distance. Either way it’s interesting to say the least. Floor tracking for the GalaxyWatch is way off. I know I did more than 11. Not sure I did 28. I have noticed that Fitbit tends to also take into consideration walking uphill. So, that would account for some of those flights.

One thought on “Galaxy Watch Fitness Tracked: 24 Hour Update

  1. Cool observations so far! I love how you are collecting that data and it is interesting to see the difference between the two. Keep it up!


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