Dave is going to be a Dad!

Good Morning Everyone!

David here with a quick update for those who have been missing my review on Home Automation Products, DIY culture, EDC, Woodworking, and most importantly beer.

We were expecting a new addition to the family for the past 9 months and now our first child is almost here! Honestly, I haven’t been updating a lot because I’ve been a combination of lazy and insanely busy with work an on the farm. I’m going to change that though and journal my life as being a new father and working around the farm. I want to shoot video but I have absolutely zero experience editing so we’ll just start with some simple guerrilla style shots here soon.

To celebrate the birth of my first child, I’ve been saving a rare bottle of beer that I can have with my wife (well, she only get’s a little bit, breast feeding and all) and I’ll be posting that when it comes. I’ve also written a new article on why I think Bug-Out Bags aren’t really necessary and you’re better off building an “Every-Day-Life” bag instead. (I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate for that one) So stay tuned!

Thanks all and I hope this will be a fun journey!

Dave R.

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