Boulevard: Smokestack Series – Imprial Sout (Aged in Whiskey Barrels)

Boulevard: Imperial Stout (11% abv)
Boulevard: Imperial Stout (11% abv)

     I’m big on stouts. In fact, I would probably be baised on any review towards stouts. So when my guy down at the local beverage store put this in my hand, I put up no resistance. Boulevard is known for their ales and have been around since 1989. Their Smokehouse series are released in limited quanitity and new every year. While there are 4 they keep year around, they rotate seasonals. Bring in the limited release Imperial Stout for 2014. Aged in whiskey barrels I found the flavor to be very sweet. The vanilla tones coming out as the beer warmed up in my hand. Compared to Innis and Gunn who’s rum-soaked beers are somewhat overpowered by the alcholic taste of liquor, this stout manage to keep the whiskey flavor to a minimum allowing a very smooth and not bitter blend. It is a very classic stout, I felt like I should have been in a proper English pub nursing this beer after a day in the factory. Even so, I was not blown away by the flavor. A very good example but nothing made it very original. I usually buy two more bottles of a beer I enjoy to keep on hand for guests or special occasions, but I cannot see myself purchasing this one again. Still, that shouldn’t keep anyone from having a good beer. Go ahead and pick one up and let me know what you think. 

Would I recommend it? Sure

Would I buy a case? Nope. 

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